Mail Service Configuration –

Amaranth Email Services Information

Note! This page is for the mail service.

WebMail Access

Vacation notification configuration and password changing services are accessed through the webmail interface. You can reach this page at:

Access from Computers and Mobile Devices

Desktop/Laptop Email Configuration

We recommend the use of IMAP rather than POP if possible. The reason is to permit seamless email operation on both mobile devices and desktop/laptop systems. If you use Microsoft Outlook, talk to your IT support staff or consultant to see if your version of Outlook has functional support for IMAP. Only the latest versions do (earlier ones claim it, but do not work well).

The server hostname for both incoming and outgoing mail is:

Incoming mail will use either IMAP (preferred) or POP protocol. Encryption is strongly recommended, so enable encryption and your mail program will likely get the port numbers right and display them without you needing to type the numbers.

Please use IMAP for all new account setups!

IMAP with encryption: port 993

POP with encryption: port 995

Outgoing mail uses SMTP on port 587 with TLS (sometimes listed as STARTTLS) encryption.

In many mail programs, you must set the encryption type first before specifying the port number, as the program may reset the port number when you alter the encryption field.

Username and Password

You will be required to specify your Username and Password for incoming and outgoing mail. The Username is your email address. Please be sure to enter the entire email address.

iPhone Configuration

Configuration of your iPhone or Android device is more or less the same as desktop. It’s important to know that the iPhone and iPad require you to enter your authentication username and password separately for incoming and outgoing mail. This is often missed and results in mail coming in, but errors when sending!